Detailing Packages


Mini Detail

  • Thorough vacuum(mats,carpet,seat crevices)

  • Brush out vents and crevices

  • Wipe  dash, console,door panels with damp microfiber with cleaner solution

  • Scrub out cup holders

  • Windows interior/exterior

  • Foam cannon, 2 bucket method wash to minimize scratching

  • Rims scrubbed(barrels if accessible)

  • Blow dry

  • Tires dressed

  • Door jambs cleaned

  • Sealant application(up to 3 months protection


1-1.5 Hours

Deluxe Detail

  • Mini Detail plus additional: 

  • Paint decontamination with clay

  • Mats spot treated

  • Exterior plastic and rubber dressed

  • Door jambs completely cleaned and protected with sealant

  • Wheel wells cleaned and conditioned

  • Sealant application(up to 6 months of protection)


2-3 Hours

KG Auto Complete Detail

  • Mini Detail and Deluxe Detail

  • Steam clean all interior carpets and floor mats

  • All gauges, switches and vents meticulously cleaned

  • Headliner cleaned with dry cleaning process

  • 2-step process on door panels, dash and console which properly cleans and conditions the surface

  • Steam clean fabric seats (if applicable)

  • Clean and condition leather seats (if applicable)

  • Wheels deep cleaned

  • Tires cleaned and conditioned

  • Trim conditioned 

  • Apply paint sealant (up to 12 months of protection)


4-6 Hours


Gloss Enhancement

  • Wash vehicle using 2 bucket wash method to minimize scratches

  • Wheel wells cleaned

  • Tires cleaned and dressed

  • Wheels cleaned

  • Pain decontamination with clay

  • Blow dry

  • Door jambs wiped down with sealant

  • Machine polish to enhance gloss

  • Paint sealant applied (up to 6 months of protection)


3-5 Hours